QSpot Statement on Masterpiece Supreme Court Decision

QSpot LGBT Community Center is not a political organization. QSpot is a community center where LGBT and allied community members come to find the resources, support and services they need to lead rich, full, productive lives in a safe, healthy and welcoming environment free from discrimination. Given QSpot’s unique role in the community, we felt it was important to address the Supreme Court’s decision in the Masterpiece Cake case.

While the Supreme Court’s decision affirmed the importance of nondiscrimination laws and the need to protect LGBT people from discrimination and did not grant businesses a license to discriminate, we know that our opponents may mischaracterize this as a win and a license to further push a discriminatory agenda.

We are hopeful that the court’s narrow decision will limit these extremist positions from becoming a new battle in the LGBT community’s fight to lead lives free from discrimination. We want to make it especially clear that QSpot will always be here for LGBT and allied community members to come where they can feel safe, welcomed, and celebrated.

QSpot LGBT Community Center exists as a response to any and all businesses that would envision a time when they might discriminate against our community.  Along with other LGBT organizations in New Jersey and across the nation, we are united against any act which would negatively impact the lives of even one of our LGBT brothers and sisters.

QSpot is here and will remain here until all forms of bigotry and discrimination are no longer a reality in our world.

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