Nick Romei Awarded Chair Emeritus


Nick Romei (pictured second from left), QSpot’s Board Chair since 2017, in special recognition of distinguished service, was awarded the title of Board Chair Emeritus by the QSpot Board of Trustees upon completion of his term on May 16, 2022. Donna Griffin (pictured third from left) was elected QSpot’s new Board Chair.

While serving as QSpot’s Board Chair, Nick faithfully guided the organization through some of it’s most challenging and momentus times. Beginning in 2017, Nick helped successfully fight a multi-year battle against eviction. Later assisting with the acquisition, renovation and purchase of QSpot’s new home on Feb. 9, 2022.  

Nick also contributed to the creation of QSpot’s most enduring programs and events, including QFest LGBT Film Festival, Early Bird Social Club, QSpot Community Awards, and QSpot Cafe. 

Nick began as a volunteer for QSpot in May 2015. He went on to become one of QSpot’s longest serving board chairs, a testament to his commitment to the organization and community. 

In the resolution awarding Nick the title of Board Chair Emeritus, the Board of Trustees “expressed its deepest appreciation to Nick for his tireless dedication and service to QSpot LGBT Community Center, and to all members of the LGBT and allied community.” 

Donna Griffin, QSpot’s new Board Chair, became a Board Trustee in 2019. She’s been a long term supporter of the organization and, along with her wife, MaryAnn Vitiello (co-founder of QSpot in 2005), was instrumental in QSpot’s acquisition of their new home in 2022. Donna previously served as Board Chair for OUT & EQUAL.