Early Bird Social Club

early bird social club

Early Bird Social Club For LGBT 50+

Meets at QSpot 2nd Sunday Each Month 3pm


More info – info@jsqspot.org

This month we’ll attend a performance of the Golden Gays NYC (“Hot Flashbacks!”).
Live stream MONDAY-JULY 13 (8:00-8:45pm/EST) on  StageIt.com.
We all know Jason B. Schmidt (Bea Arthur/Dorothy) from many successful drag bingo events at QSpot.
The digital performance platform is provided by StageIt. You must pre-purchase a ticket ($10) at  StageIt.com. Please visit the site and purchase 100 notes (equivalent to $10); if you choose to tip, just purchase more notes.
This month we’re on Monday. We’ll be back on Sunday in August.
Please join us for some guaranteed fun!
Enjoy the show!
-EBSC Team