Buddy Program for Older LGBT Adults

Buddy Program for Older LGBT Adults

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Could you or someone you know benefit from the Buddy Program?

QSpot is proud to partner with Monmouth University on the Buddy Program for Older LGBT Adults. Created by Dr. Laura Kelly, the Buddy Program has been a part of Monmouth University’s Social Work and Nursing schools for many years.  In September 2015, the program moved to QSpot and became a joint project of Monmouth University and QSpot with support from MU graduate students.

The Buddy Program provides companion visits to older members of the LGBT community who are alone, homebound, hospitalized or otherwise physically or socially isolated. Buddies visit clients to help them feel connected and assist with their needs. The program also identifies additional resources needed and works to integrate them into care.

While this seems simple enough, institutionalized LGBT bias forces many LGBT older adults back into the closet in settings such as retirement communities, nursing homes and hospitals.  Once there, staff make it very difficult to identify them, often purposefully putting up road blocks which prevents support services like the Buddy Program from locating and helping them. 

If you or someone you know might benefit from the Buddy Program, please contact info@jsqspot.org or call 732-455-3373.  Privacy is our highest concern and all information will remain confidential.

Become a Buddy Volunteer – Want to learn more about the Buddy Program or how you can help an older LGBT adult?  Please contact info@jsqspot.org or call 732-455-3373.