Former Neptune Mayor Randy Bishop Resigns Jersey Shore Arts Center Board


September 22, 2016, Ocean Grove, NJ – Former Neptune Committeeman and Mayor Randy Bishop has resigned from the Jersey Shore Arts Center Board of Directors effective September 12, 2016. Bishop notified Herb Herbst, President of the Jersey Shore Arts Center, that he was resigning due to the handling of the QSpot LGBT Community Center’s lease renewal. QSpot was recently told that their lease would not be renewed by the JSAC when it expires on December 31, 2016. QSpot has raised questions regarding that decision.

Bishop, the only openly gay member of the JSAC board, said Herbst had failed to follow through on items requested at a meeting he moderated with JSAC and its attorney and that he had not been notified or invited to any JSAC board meetings where QSpot’s lease renewal was voted on. Jersey Shore Arts Center is a 501(c)3 tax exempt non-profit organization. According to law, a non-profit board of directors is tasked with a primary role in the administration of an organization, including oversight of the organization’s operations.

“Randy Bishop’s resignation is another indication that there are unanswered questions surrounding the JSAC’s decision not to renew QSpot’s lease,” said John Mikytuck, QSpot Executive Director.  “The fact that the only openly gay member of the JSAC Board of Directors had not been involved in the decision making process, speaks volumes to our concerns about the JSAC’s leaderships attitudes towards the LGBT community and their decision not to renew QSpot’s lease.”

Bishop, a member of the JSAC board for one and a half years, has lived in Ocean Grove, NJ since 1995.  He was elected Neptune Committeeman in 2004 and served until September 2016.  He stepped down as Committeeman when he was appointed Confidential Aid at the Monmouth County Superintendent of Elections office.  Bishop also served as President of the Ocean Grove Chamber of Commerce between 1997 and 2006. Bishop and husband Dan Margot own Melrose Bed and Breakfast in Ocean Grove, and Peter Wallace Antique Store in Lambertville, NJ.

“Randy’s resignation is a courageous testament to his leadership, commitment and support of what is fair and just,” said Mikytuck. “Randy has been a strong and consistent supporter of the QSpot LGBT Community Center and recipient of a QSpot Community Award.  Randy led the way as the first openly gay elected official in Neptune and third openly gay Mayor in New Jersey. He is also a successful Ocean Grove businessman and good friend to many in the community.”

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